Look! I have finally gone mad,
I know this with certainty
my companion will confirm the facts
see, he lurks invisibly.

His accent, foreign and smart
his dress, that of a fool
he speaks like someone clever
to mock me, best at cruel

Oh, laugh because he’s funny
his style, frank and clear
he’s futility in my thinking
says only what I want to hear

and when I ask a question
he replies both false and true
says “he doesn’t care for answers,
and my questions are no good”

See, laugh because he’s honest
always pointing out defects
his mockery and ropery
telling me all that’s incorrect

I find myself enthralled
in his amusing point of view
and how my belly jerks
in public fits, they disapprove

To his airless form I whisper
and offer chairs nearest me
but he says he won’t oblige to sit
as he’s got no real body.

Say, will you come and join us?
we can be mad, both me and you
because its fun, it is great fun!
you must meet our precious fool.