you lazy dog you
you went on a walk and now
you sleep
all day you will
rest, and play, and bark at the street.
you listen intently for neighbouring dogs
to join in your ruckus.
and at times
you all
bark in unison,
and cause men to shout,
shut doors,
and feel generally unnerved.
what do you do with your time my friends?
best of friends,
unconditional friends.
do you ponder the position of shadow and sun?
do you calculate the
do you practice a thing,
a song,
an art
so that you might get better- or at least
the way you like?
do you have a way you like?
would you rather think about colours than shapes?
fire than water?
sound than sight?
are your hobbies and toys
do you distract yourselves with deep questions
philosophical discussions?
or do you just bark?
to let us know you’re here.
are you here?
is that all you are?
Look, you are asleep
in your crate
to keep you from biting and tearing
my screen.
do you create things?
invent dreams?
travel the earth?
do you value time that life brings?
do you wish you had more?
or less?
or are you just sleeping to pass the day
to wait for the moment
when you can run away
or eat
or bark
or piss on a tree?
are you waiting on me?
or you do just gaze out the window
no one comes but a master
but the hand that will feed.
is there a way you like to move?
do you dance when happy?
do you sing in the privacy
of your home?
or do you just pace,
and look for treats
and get into things
aimless guesses
breaking rules
making messes?
what are you doing?



Photo taken in Late Summer 2017 by Saying Sooth.