Here come the tumultuous winds…the thunder claps and musk of rain. I sniffed the air blowing through my open window. Hastily closing the storm shutters, I ran down stairs and outside the door, barefoot, to witness the ensuing storm. The sun had set, there was bound to be an impressive lightning show, and I was feeling wild. Daring. I would prance around the garden and into the back woods as if I were indestructible, challenging the gods, and all who lurk above, to smite me with their smouldering swords and learn just how strong the armour of my Nerve really was.

As I stepped onto the outside walk, I felt the summer warmth in the ground, and saw that the stone floor was dotted with quarter sized blotches where massive raindrops had fallen.  There were suddenly more drops covering the ground, and then an exponential increase which created rivers and lakes in all the crevices and sloping sides. My smile grew wilder, and if I laughed, I could not hear myself in the chaotic patter of rain and gush.

Instantly soaked and dripping, like a walrus rolling on the waves of the sea, I danced. And the water danced with me, pulling my hair into my face, and polishing my skin with shimmering silver.

I ran the ground, circling trees and tall grasses, worshipfully accompanying the thunder with whoops and hollers- and my face shone GLORIOUS! This was the glory of a hero, one who conquers a storm, defies elements, dances on flames and water. And there I was, somewhere, half insane, half ecstatic, and I glanced upwards.

Upwards, eyes open to raindrops the size of handfuls, like meteors barrelling towards me, I blinked. And just as suddenly, it was I who was barrelling back towards them, splashing droplets sideways into the clouds as I fwhooshed, airborne, into their cold kingdom, reeled in by some mad reverse gravity.

Faster and higher I flew until I was racing lightning, and the drops became stars, and the clouds became an unlit vastness. I must have been exceeding time as I collided, unnoticed, with Jupiter. I was a blur, a slight tickle on someone’s nose, a smudge in Jupiter’s eye, that went away as soon as it came, through the crust, the singeing core of fire, hotter than hell, and back out the other end.

That I was. Falling through the planets, and through the stars, and through the universe, rushing towards some unknown flexing Mass of Masses, brushing lesser things unseen, unheard, unreal. I was to a Black Hole, a momentary puff of space penetrating an otherwise dense landscape, and then gone again.

Dancing still, I vaguely recalled the gentle earth beneath my planted heels and toes. Would I be held fast to land again? Stable, cradled, noticed. I considered the moment: ‘The impact would crush me into nothing. Probably my very existence would be cancelled.’ And so I continued falling, through and through and through…..


Photo by Saying Sooth, summer 2017.